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Home Buying Guide for Newlyweds



Title: Home Buying Guide for Newlyweds

The arrival of a baby in to newlyweds this will become a life-changing event. As u move in to a parent, you have to be more conscious about your responsibilities towards your child in every aspect.

Main draw back in buying houses results due to lack of knowledge in real estate and other factors such as locale etc.

So to make that process easy and less complex these following factors should be considered before buying residential properties.

1. Allocate your Obligations

Buying a home is nothing but planning for the secure future for you and your child. So before planning you need to fulfil costs that may come in between.

If both the partners are working, then the Obligation will be minimal, if you are planning for a baby it is necessary to plan accordingly, so that if one of the partners takes leave other has to have no problem in carrying out expenses

2. Date of moving-in

It is important to know the possession of the property you are buying, if you are planning for child it will be hectic task to search.

The best property is the one where we you can move before the arrival of baby. Begin the search early so that you and partner will finish of hard work of choosing property, designs, layouts Etc before the arrival of baby.

You may face difficulty during the first few days when you move to your new property such as painting fault, leakage, pipe blocking.

If you and your partner are still searching for house, search for the one which will get finished when your baby is a year or old. So that deters part of moving gets easy.

3. Neighbourhoods

While buying a property another main factor is locality (area), look for those properties which have better connectivity, Schools, Hospitals.

If both the partners are working search for the properties which are nearer to work premises, so that taking care of baby becomes easy and also search for area which has better playschool, day-care etc.

4. Layout of property

If you and your partner have a baby then it is preferably to go for property which has separate kids room, so that you can use it as nursery, as your kid grows he/she needs to have separate room for many things such as gifts, cribs, stroller etc which are given by relatives.

Friends, relatives may come and visit the baby so it is better have an extra room.

Make sure to baby proof the house before moving in, check in the floor plan provided by developer/owner so that you can choose the specific property.

Try to avoid property which has open staircase, sharp corners so to avoid any mishap in future.

5. Common Amenities

Amenities are foremost important factor before considering buying a house.

Look for the property which has facility such as garden, Toddlers Park, junior gym so that you and your baby can relax and rejuvenate.

Make sure that the swimming pool are well maintained and always guarded by security which poses risk to toddlers.

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